Zephrade's baby got dressed shoes

Seattle, USA: Zaffrey's child has been wearing treating shoes in America's famous Woodland Park Zoo, which hopes his birth anniversary will end.

A few days ago, Zoroastrians, born from Olivia, were born nausea, but the staff realized that the lower part of its back legs is not smooth and straightforward, and if this chain continues, then after moving it I might be tempted.

Zoo's medical staff then reviewed the Zephra legs and made poles with plaster, after which it was worn after hours. The shoes were shaped in the first special molds and then Zephrey's baby was shipped. It is hoped that the time will eradicate his legs and he will walk and run like other animals.

Zephrade's baby is weighing 170 pounds and has not yet been named. Expert team has carefully studied all the medical literature and has prepared shoe with plywood wood and polyethylene. Carlton Zo's caterier Martin Ramrays told that the staff was taking special care of the child since its birth.

Martin thanked people and especially children who come to see him and pay special attention. After the birth of a baby, the people of the city are tied up to see it. The mother's name is named Olivia and the father's name is Dave, which is 12 and 6 years respectively.