Young man in India have risen at the time of Buried

Lucknow: 20-year-old youth, who was dead to doctors in India, got up in the risen at the time of Buried

According to the International News Agency, a 22-year-old young young man, Laxnu, was taken to the hospital for illness, where doctors referred to him as dead and handed over 7 lakhs to the body of the body after necessary action. .

The family members of Muhammad Sultan were planning to take care of the son of a year old son, suddenly the elder brother saw that the hands of the deceased's hands and feet were confirmed by other people of the house.

When the family went close to the dead, the sects opened the eyes slowly, Mohammad Sultan was again taken to the hospital where the medical foundation was confirmed.

Clearly, continuous illness leads to defects, and blood pressure is so low that hand pulp and heartbeat can not be heard or felt, and perhaps due to this reason, the dots declared Mohammad caste as dead. Given.