The world's oldest beast, 187-year-old Turtle Jonathan

Saint Helena: Jonathan is a turtle and according to the Guinness Book of World Record, she is 187 years old.

The turtles in the British-controlled Saint Helena and the adjacent island in the south of the Atlantic Ocean were born in 1832, and the turtles live for more than 150 years, but this turtle has set a record of survival. It is now considered as the oldest animal of medicine.

Thus, the Tortoas 39 has seen a pledge of US Presidency dishes, two world wars and invasion of the bulb. It was brought to the Saint Helena Islands in 1882, and at that time Turt was 50 years old. William Gray Wilson, British governor of the sea, was given this gift as a gift and still lives in the Governor House.

But due to this age, his eyes have been motivated and he is almost blind and lost his sensation. Special specialists specialize in fruits and vegetables for it and also take care of their health.

He has three more turtle friends, including David, Emma and Fred. Earlier, another turtle reached 188, who died in 1995.