Why hit our baby? crow an enemy of a person for three years

Why hit our baby? crow an enemy of a person for three years

Maharashtra: India has been targeting a man for the past three years who accidentally killed a baby in his arms. Now the child's parents attack him as soon as he leaves the house. Shivam is a laborer from Shimla village in Madhya Pradesh who has been the subject of daily cruelty and has been running for three years. One day three years ago, Shiva was on his way when he saw a baby in a trap in a trap.

Shiva tried very hard to get him out, but Koe's half-dead baby died in his hands and shaking his head thought that Shiva had killed him. Now, the baby's relatives attack Kwei Shiva on a daily basis, but often the same Kwa repeatedly punches him. Now Shiva has arranged a stick to avoid them.

"I was trying to save the bird and they died in my hands. Now they think I have killed their baby, so I carry a stick with me to protect them," said Shiva.

In this village, no one else targets women or men and they are left behind only by Shiva. Now, as soon as Shiva leaves the house, people stop and watch which bird is attacked this time. Occasionally, shea gets annoyed with lime or nails, because crows are invading very quickly.

Shiva said that sometimes the fighters come in like jets and attack me, sometimes flying up and down and jumping down on me.

Ashok Kumar, an animal behavior expert at Barkatullah University in Bhopal, said that the memory of the crows is very sharp and if anyone is treated badly, they will not forget it, as well as the habit of taking revenge on them. Is.