Whale returned to a smartphone that was falling in water

Norway: A few days ago a strange incident occurred in Norway when a woman's phone fell into the sea, a boyga whale came in a little while to return to her face-to-face.

A woman Anna Mansica was present on the beach with her friends in the Hermepest of Norway so that she could see the vowel there. In so many cases, they appeared to be a villa, but at the same time, the smartphone placed in their pocket fell into water.

'As soon as I saw the wallet, I sat down and looked down and looked at him and loved him. But in so many cases, the phone placed in the upper pocket of my jacket dropped out in a crushed water. I realized that now it has gone but a little later the same whale came to the pressure level in the mouth and returned me, 'Maneska said.

However, the lady wanted to dry her water by pressing it in a pot of rice and rice, but she could not get well due to sea water and it has become worse now.

Some experts, on the basis of the truth of this video and pictures, said that the welfare is not so soon as soon as possible, but the experts say that if the parts under the wings of their wings are made friends then they become friends soon. However, this video is popular worldwide.