Use Hormone injection and lose weight!

London: Medical experts have developed a needle for obesity and diabetes patients that can be used to control diabetes and weight loss in addition to diabetes. This injection contains two hormones and a peptide that is commonly referred to as "GOP."

When injected with two hormones and a peptide, these three components are added directly to the blood and help to reduce appetite, as well as sugar in the diet. Over the past two years, experiments on this combination on various patients have shown that if used daily for 28 days, the weight of the obese individual may decrease by four and a half kilograms; and if he is a diabetic. Sugar levels in her blood will also improve (closer to normal).

Let's say that overweight and obesity are now becoming a global disease. According to statistics, 21% of the global population is overweight, which amounts to about one billion 90 million; while 65 million people are considered "obese", that is, overweight. Are out of bounds.

There are hundreds of medicines available to relieve overweight and obesity, but most of them are just fooling the public to make money while very few drugs have very limited effects. In addition, the side effects of weight loss medications are so high that they are generally not recommended for use. In recent years, operations such as liposuction, gastric bypass surgery and bariatric surgery have also been introduced to reduce weight and reduce obesity, but are expensive enough that only wealthy people can benefit from them.

This injection was developed by experts at Imperial College London, details of which have been published in the latest issue of the American Diabetes Association's Research Journal "Diabetes Care".