unique odor that Heart and veins  wound off in the just 20 seconds

Beijing: Blood veins are necessary to be switched off and similarly, blood operations are also necessary to prevent heart attack, such as heart attack during the bay. Now it has been made a unique odor that closes blood juice in only 20 seconds due to hydro fluid.

Chinese specialists have made this vital biological glue and should be applied to any slippery surface and it is highlighted in ultraviolet (ultraviolet), then it becomes altered in non-hydrogen even as it fears and turns Can also be used on muscles.

Hangzhou Oyang and his colleagues of China's Jiangsu University have currently tried it on rabbits and pigs and have found better than traditional treatments.
Experts have demonstrated a successful liver injury in half a minute to replace it. In another experiment, it used a 6mm diameter holes in the heart of the pig in a successful filling experience when there was high blood pressure and blood was boiling out rapidly. The wound was filled with lunch and blood flow completely closed in 20 seconds without any negative effect.

When the donkey was tried on the rabbit, the liver injury and chopped shrines were successfully closed in a few seconds. It is just to do so that after adding a glimpse on the wound, it is highlighted automatically and then it becomes like a strong strip.

A slight change can also lead to 290 MMHG blood pressure, whether it is vein, heart disease or inner or outer wall of the heart.

Interestingly, a bactericular wound was not only improved in a few weeks, but it started naturally becoming conducive. However, there has been a little bit of inflammation and irritation.

Chinese specialists believe their animals are tested with animals and they will be available to humans in the next 3 to 5 years.