The third one day; the intention to put on strong batting with weak bowling

Lahore: Pakistan intends to put on strong batting with weak bowling but England will be played in Bristol in the third one day.

The first match of the One-Day series between Pakistan and England was the second round of rain, both in the second, in the second, showed BINGING POWER, but in the last over, failed bowlers and Pakistani batsmans failed to play aggressive strokes in the last over. Pie, the third match will be played on Tuesday in Bristol.

Pakistan's troubles have increased in the past, having recorded a record record of winning their bowling matches in the past, Fahim Ashraf won only one wicket from the average of 304.00 in the last 7 matches, in the last 2 years, Pakistan's highest Successful bowler Hasan Ali also made a victim by 81 runs in the last match, Yasir Shah warm-ups did not really impress the international competition.
Mohammad Amir Khan and Junaid Khan will be considered as replaced Shoaib Malik as the first match will not be played due to the rain of Mohammad Amir Chicken Pakis due to the rain. Team bowling can also be done in bowling, if Fahim Ashraf is not scared, then Shah Hassan Shah Afridi could be replaced by Mohammad Hassanine.

Pakistan won victory in the second match, but the better performance has boosted the batting line, and it will be expected to start a good start with Sachin Makar Fakhrirman, Babar Azam is also in good form, Asif Ali The hope of victory, this time, the expectations will be related to them, more a better one can make Asif's case more solid for joining the World Cup Squad.

On the other hand, England is likely to be able to spot Ben Stokes in the place of England's batting batsman, Joe Butler, who is engaged in the experiment, James Williams's team, in the last match, England's 5 batsman made more than 50 runs in the form of mountainous toll Pakistan In front of this, even a weak bowling line will be on the target of the host, Tom Carnon can be added by relaxing Adil Rashid.

Leam Platinum and Joe Danielle will be in action again, both of them had a wall in the last round of the match with a better bowling in the last over. Remember that Adil Rashid and Jupiter Archer did not travel to Bristol with the team.

Bristol's pitching bouting will be easy to play high-end strokes due to the favorable and backward rear bundles, notably it's likely to be partially cloudy and seasoned but there is no fear of interruption.

Pakistan team is playing another one-day international on the ground of Bristol, before the 1999 World Cup defeated Green Indies by 27 runs in West Indies.