There Was No Affair Between Laila and Me said Ahsan Khan

Acting was my passion but my father's desire was to send me in the Army. 
All actress are respectable to me. I married the one who i love the most: Interview 
Ahsan Khan is the pakistani film actor, producer and host. He was born on 9 Octubar 1981. He came into the field of acting in 1998 and act in Nikkah, Billi, Ghar Kab Aogy and dil mera dharkey. He refused all the rumors by saying that there was never an affair between him and Laila. I respect all the actresses and married to a girl i love the most.

He further added that he wanted to an actor but his father wanted him to an army man. First time in my life i saw the acting of Rema and Nargis in Ever New Studio. When i was watching the shooting Nargis called me and i went there. I was very happy at that time that I'm sitting with a star. Some people took my phone number there and Jaraar Rizwi took my audition there. So it was my entry in the industry. In the beginning Shahzad Raffique, Sangeeta and Jaraar Rizwa gave me a chance in their movies. I have worked with Noor, Laila, Nirma, Sana and many others. He said that i had done acting in the College and university that's how it all started but my father had the other ideas. It is a fact that you got what you want and i got what i wanted in the past. Talking about love he said I got marry to a girl whom i love the most. I didn't involved in affairs and everything is going well after the marriage thanks to Allah. He reject all the rumors of his affair with Laila. I respect all the actresses and i never  promised to anyone. The one i did i got marry with her he added.