There Are Some Batsmen In The Team Who Could Put The Opponent Bowlers Under Pressure.Every thing has a time to happen and I thanked to Allah Almighty that played ample cricket for pakistan: Ex test cricketer Yasir Hameed. 

There's a chance for Muhammad Amir to play well against England and get into the world cup team. 
My mission is to serve the cricket in pakistan, it is my passion and I'll do whatever is required. 
Pakistan has its own image in cricketing world and cricket history is incomplete without pakistan.

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Many cricketers have done well at international level for pakistan, majority of them were bowlers while Pakistan always struggle in producing some good batsmen especially in test cricket. Some of them have performed well but they are very few in numbers and Yasir Hameed is one of them. He has played 25 test matches for pakistan. He scored 2 hundreds and 8 fifties in these matches. His highest score is 170 runs. He also had played 56 ODIs for pakistan. He scored 3 hundreds and 12 fifties in ODI cricket. His performance in domestic cricket was fantastic that's why he was given the chance in international cricket. Je started his international career against Bangladesh in which he scored hundreds in both innings of the match and become the first batsman to do so on debut.

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Test cricket is quite difficult and a real test for players and a few of them clear the real test. But Yasir prove himself there. He is playing league cricket nowadays in the US. There is an interview of him taken via telephone where he speaks his heart out. 

He said that the real reason for the decline in the standard of cricket is due to the absence of International cricket in pakistan. Team plays most of its matches on the dead wickets of UAE. These pitches are somewhat similar to the pakistani wickets. These conditions are quite different from English conditions where pakistan is playing a series and world is to be played there. He said that he is hopeful that the team will do well there. You can expect anything from this team. Pakistan should win this series it'll  give them a huge confidence going into the world cup. This team is unpredictable you can't say anything untill its done and dusted he added. 
Talking about the selection he said That i have played a lot of cricket for pakistan and i think the selection procedure is good. The player come into the team comes through a brief performance in the domestic cricket. A player came into the team on the base of good performance. Abid Ali has scored heavily in domestic cricket and when he was given the chance in international cricket in scored a hundred against Australia. Same can be said about Imam ul haq as well. 

He said that there is no role of intercision in cricket. As this game can't be played behind the scene the stats can't be hide so whoever performs will get a chance to play for pakistan. 
On the question about PSL he said that it is our own league. It start very late. When i was playing cricket and was at my peak there was PSL. There's a circle of 30 to 40 players at a time, so they are playing PSL. Our group is not include in those 40 players so that's why our time is over. I play cricket where i got a chance to play currently playing in the US.

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Pakistan has a lot of talent in terms of cricket. The thing to do is  how to nourish and groom that talent and it should be look after by the higher authorities. PCB is looking into the matter seriously he added.  There are some player's making their own academies and PCB should support them. If a senior player is doing so and want to share his experience with the juniors it is an healthy activity for cricket and we should encourage this including PCB. As players are the products of the cricket and we should look after the product if we want to progress. 

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Talking about Muhammad Amir he said that No one doubts his abilities as a bowler. The way he performed in the past, world knows what he is capable of. But Unfortunately he is not in a good form. Team management should look after him and give him the confidence, it'll help him getting his rhythm. I wish Amir play against England and do well and get into the world cup. 
Answering to a question he said that the as a batsman the conditions in England are totally different from pakistan. We have players like fakhar zaman who can demolished the opposition's bowler any time. Imam ul haq is a good sound player, he usually plays near the body and it's the best way to play in England. Our players need to stay at wicket, runs will automatically comes then. He also said that departmental cricket exists for 40 years and many of us comes through departmental cricket.

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When a new system come, it takes some time to show results. We can't say anything until it gives some results than we can Judge that. Some people are against it but i think it is a new idea and we should back this idea. We all want a new pakistan and it'll be done by the new system and for the new system we should be acceptable and look this change as a positive move. 

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Talk about himself he said that I'm a sportsman and i love sport. Where ever i go I try to speak about sports. It is my life. All i know is whatever I'm today is because of cricket. Cricket has given me a name so it is my priority to serve the cricket especially in pakistan. InshaAllah I'll make an academy in future. I have a talk with the officials in Islamabad and peshawar and the reply was positive. If i have an academy and young kida learn cricket from there and one day represent pakistan than i think it will be the best way to serve pakistan cricket.

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