Still Remember the days when I had no Support: Maya Ali. 

The pakistani actress become happy after having 2.1 million followers on instagram. 
Maya Ali is a Pakistani actress, model and VJ, mostly known for her roles in Pakistani television dramas. She was born on 27th July 1989 in Lahore, Pakistan. Her real name was Maryam Ali. After entered in fashion industry, she changed her name Maya Ali. She studied in Mass communication from Queen Mary college, Lahore. She is also a good sports lady in college and in school days. Maya has one brother and sister. And she is educated personality and she is most of the people favorite actress in Pakistan.

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She made her drama debut with ‘Durr-e-Shahwar’ and then her presence in drama serial ‘Aik Nayee Cinderella’ opposite Osman Khalid Butt made her one of the brilliant actresses. Among all of her stellar performances, Maya Ali’s debut movie ‘Teefa In Trouble’ with Ali Zafar is getting so much appreciation from the audience that we want to bow down to the lady. She is tremendous, talented, innocent and gorgeous and we can’t deny the fact that she has the potential to influence everyone with her expressions.
After having 2.1 million followers on Instagram she remember the early days of her career in an emotional post on instagram. Turning to Instagram, the 29 year old actor went into reminiscence about her journey filled with her fair share of hurdles and challenges up until this point.

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“I still remember my first day on Tv when I had no support, Maya Ali was just a name but I was ambitious, I had so many dreams so many thoughts, and I knew I had to make my dreams come true... I had no idea whatsoever about any fans, not even about social media...,” stated.
“Then one day I went to the market and two girls came to me and asked, are you Cinderella and I said no I am Maya, after sometime I realised that they were talking about my drama serial, I felt so good and shy at the same time,” she continued.

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Maya stated: “today when I saw this post which one of my fans tagged me in I got goosebumps, my whole acting journey started to play in front of my eyes.”
Concluding the post, Maya stated: “Thank you all for your support and I have no words to decide what I should call this but yeah love you my “Squad”.”