At the speed of the bullet the seed 'firing' plant

Berlin: German scientists have done interesting research on a Chinese firing seed, suggesting that the plant, also known as "Chinese Witch Hazel," is as powerful as a nineteenth-century gun. Can fire a badge that speeds up to 12 meters per second. Flying at air at this speed, these badges can cover a distance of up to 18 meters.

Used in traditional medicine of China to eliminate irritation and inflammation, this plant eliminates its seeds as fast as firing. With the help of special MRI scans and high-speed cameras, physicists at Freiburg University, Germany, discovered that the secret of Chinese Witch Hazel's elimination of seeds so rapidly and forcefully is the inner part of its fruit. Time not only spreads and shrinks, but also rotates the seeds at an extraordinary speed of 26,000 rounds per minute, as if a bullet was fired in a gun barrel.

He has also made his short film with the help of a high-speed camera, which is available on YouTube:

After studying the Chinese witch hazel, experts have come to the conclusion that most of these plants are either in the form of shrubs or in the form of shrubs, while the places where they grow are usually dense and high. The trees are forests. In such a way, to improve their chances of survival it is necessary to spread their seeds far and wide. This necessity led to the evolution of the plants in which the seedlings that grew more rapidly and far away began to grow.

Full details of this research have been published in the latest issue of the "Journal of the Royal Society Interface".