Special 6 exercises, which reduce weight and relieve obesity

Taiwan: The good news for weight loss sufferers is that after a big survey, experts have outlined six simple exercises that can help you lose weight and make you smarter. Even people who are inherently obese and their genes are reported to be fatty can also lose weight with these exercises.

In Taiwan, more than 18,000 people were surveyed, with people aged 30 to 70 being surveyed. It has been shown that regular jogging, mountain climbing, fast walking, power walking (running at 7 to 9 km per hour), dance, and long yoga can reduce obesity.

However, other popular weight loss exercises have not had as much impact on obesity as genetics, including cycling, swimming and dancing and exercising in the game.
'Our research has shown that genetic causes have different effects on obesity. But our recommended exercise can also reduce the weight of people whose genes are obese, ”the researchers said in their report.

Body mass index (BMI) is generally considered in obesity. However, the study also included body fat rate (BFP), waist circumference (west circumference), hip circumference (hip circumference) and waist and hip ratio (west to hip ratio).

Regular jogging: The best

Jogging 30 minutes three times a week can help your body successfully cope with fatty acne.

Researchers say, according to information from Taiwan's biobank database, the benefits of lightweight exercises that do not spend a lot of physical energy are minimal. But they insist that if you swim in cold water to be lean, it causes hunger and you run to food again.

The main purpose of this research was that if Jane wants to make you a mountain of meat, do not think of it as destiny, but consistent and accurate exercises can undermine its effect and make you smarter.

This research has been published in the Public Library of Science, which states that the six important exercises mentioned above can be very effective in reducing your weight.