Six Things Should Never Save In An Office Computer

There is no doubt that we often save things in our computer and Mobile Phones which we shouldn't have to do. Saving personal data in personal Mobile phone and Computer is somewhat justified but if you are a professional person working in an office than you should never save these six things in your Office computer which could be harmful for you. Here are those six things you should never save in an office computer. 
01) Personal Photos and Videos. 

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It is obvious that with the evolution of technology, the trend of clicking pictures and recording videos is quite common. sometimes people save these videos and pictures in their office computer. According to the experts, keeping personal data in an office computer put a bad impression on your personality in the office and more importantly the firm you are working for is not going to pay you for holding your personal data. Moreover someone can blackmail you on the basis of your data because every one have access to the office computer. 
02) Inappropriate Data. 

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With the evolution of Information technology and Internet the customers have enjoyed a great comfort in a positive way. But inappropriate and vulgar content had spread furiously. Don't ever dare to put this sort of data in your office computer as it could ruin your image in the office. 
03) Computer Games and Videos. 
Games are quite good for physical and mental health but if you start playing game during your work time it could cause problems for you in the office. It shows lack of attention and seriousness towards your work. 
04)Sensitive Information about your work. 

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It is obvious that every one is trying to do best to be a successful and master of his work but in doing so you can do some silly mistakes as well. You shouldn't save sensitive information about your job. Someone could steal this and it could be fatal for you. 
05)Funny Content. 

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Many people use to keep funny and amusement type videos around them in the office to get rid of a boring hectic situation but experts said that you should not keep this type of things in the working place so someone shouldn't be able to raise questions on your personality or credibility.
06) Confidential Content. 

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Confidential Content is that content which you gather from internet and system computer in free time on your working computer, so that you might use this information during work but professional people don't allow you to do that on regular basis.