In Showbiz Industry, The Writers Are No Way Near The Writers Of The Past: Zeba Bakhtiar

Zeba Bakhtiar is a Pakistani film and television actress and a television director. She made her television debut with a Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) drama, Anarkali 1988.  she became the first Pakistani actor to venture into Bollywood and star in Raj Kapoor’s Henna 1991. She later acted in the Pakistani production Sargam 1995. She belongs to the capital city of balochistan (Quetta). She is the daughter of ex Attorney General of Pakistan  General Yehya Khan. She accidentally step into the showbiz industry but she got fame in no time. In 1980 she become a known person all over the country via television. Her fame reached in india as well.

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She started her career from a long tv play Anaar Kali which was on-air from Karachi studio. Raj kapoor was planning for Hina and the leading role of girl was a typical pakistani girl  and Zeba fits well with the role. Haseena Moeen wrote the dialogs of the movie. Indo pak matches were at the very best in Sharjah back then and Raj Kapoor rejected so many girls for the role. Haseena told him about Zeba. She was called in Sharjah and Raj selected her in no time. Although he died without the completion of the movie and the movie was completed by his son Randhir Kapoor.

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She played a Central role in the movie and showed her skills but she didn't agreed to shoot any vulgar scenes. The movie makers agreed and eventually that was a blockbuster movie. She has been working for almost three decades but whenever she appears on the screen give her fans a reason to smile. Her personal life was not as successful as the reel life.  Her mother is of Hungarian descent while her father is from Quetta. Bakhtiar married singer Adnan Sami but they divorced in 1997. They have a son together named Azaan. She has also been married to Javed Jaffery, Salman Valliani and Sohail Khan Leghari. She became very prominent in the industry due to her marriage to Adnan Sami, a very famous Indian singer. After their divorce they both tried for custody of their son.

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Her work in Henna was extensively valued, but it was her performance in the Pakistani film Sargam (1995) that won her the esteemed Nigar Award in Pakistan. Bakhtiar also appeared in movies such as Mohabbat Ki Arzoo (1994), Stuntman (1994), Jai Vikraanta (1995) which were all box office flops in India. She then returned to Pakistan in films like Muqadama (1996), Chief Sahib (1996), Qaid (1996) and Babu (2001). She attempted to direct a movie called Babu in (2001) which proved to be another Box Office failure. Apart from movies, Bakhtiar often took starring roles in major television serials, in which she brought new levels of intensity with her performances. For instance, in Laag she gave a memorable performance as the leader of the ‘Kashmiri Independence Movement’. Her portrayal of a handicapped girl in Pehli See Mohabbat was just mind boggling as were her performances in the Lollywood films Kundi and Sargam.

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She is of the opinion that the quality of the content producing today is not the same. The film maker and the writers of the past were more realistic. They used to study deep and apply their knowledge but today it looks materialistic. She is a very good actress even today when she play a role she puts all her efforts into the character to make it look very real.