Several kilometer expansion of Pakistan Glacier is moving 4 meters daily

Hinza: One of the main news has come from Gilgit-Baltistan, in the area of ​​Henza, in the area of ​​Golodaghbar, a black glaciera is moving beyond the speed of four meters.

This glacier named Shishpur is situated near Hasanabad village and is moving ahead of July. A local cowboy Fahim bag said that there was a glacier in the summer when I was stealing my yak in summer, but in October I saw that the glaciers closed the valley completely.

Shahzad Baig, deputy head of the Gilgit-Baltistan Disaster Management Authority, has said that the move towards Shishpur glacier is located on the Qarakur-Balt Line, where earthquake activities are continuing. Along with the snowfall in the past five years, which has increased the glacier ice.

It has also been confirmed by a report released on Hinduism, the Himalayas region, which has been published by International Center for Rural Mountain Development (ICIMOD). According to the report, climate variations and snow fall in Qarruram and western Himalayas have increased.

However, another IPIC expert, Philips Weast, says some glaciers in Pakistan are stable, and some of the snow has been rising. However, if global warming is not stopped under the Paris Agreement in 2015, one-thirds of the region will melt the ice until 2100 is available in the form of glaciers.

District Hinja Commissioner Bob Sahib said that the Shashpur glacier is 15 kilometers wide and has gone for a distance of just two kilometers from last July and is still moving around four meters daily. 'It keeps growing in the same speed, it will reach Qarqurrah in two years, but we are optimistic that its movement will stop,' he said.

Shishpur Glacier also has another glacier called a fisherman, which has crossed four kilometers from 2006 to 2017. Since both glaciers are near, then the melting waters in summer will melting instead of going to the river and make a lake in the valley.

A month ago, there was a threat of glacier flooding and flood water, but now Shushpur glaciers have produced bridges and its water supply is flowing in springs, due to which the pressure made within the glacier has decreased. .

But if more corridors are opened, at least 72 homes underneath will cause serious threats to its path. Under the same threat, commissioner Hinja has also guided people to risk and move to another place, and a control room has been made to monitor it.

Under the Green Clause Fund, a $ 37 million grant has been given to reduce the risk of spreading glacier in North Pakistan. Under the UDP DP, the head of the project, head of the project, Abbodov Abdurrahmanov, visited Shishpur glacier and said that he needs immediate attention and now he will work on Shishpur glacier after a long break.

In Gilgit-Baltistan, there are 8 widows in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, who are in danger of a sudden glacier crashing (called Galilee Let Out Bristol). According to Abdurrahmanov, with the support of government, authorized organizations and the UNDP, the work of keeping sensor installation and movement on glaciers is being speeded quickly.

Apart from this, glaciers will be reviewed from drone and satellite so that a system of predictance can be made. Although we can assess the risks, but it will not be 100, 'Abdurrahmanov said.

Mohammad Atif, deputy director of the department's department, said that the dynamics of melting glaciers are very complicated. Sometimes glaciers are buried away from rain and sometimes melting with heat cause cause 'dry flood'.

Mohammad Ibrahim Khan, head of the Usin DP's GLF project, said that before the United States Chitral and Gilgit have received many lessons from the United Nations Fund. They have better links between different departments.

The next project will also note the risks of immediate floods, on the other side, Sheshpar area is completely the entire region. Apart from this, special walls will be constructed and enlarged deep roots so that the risks of the rain can be reduced. In the new project, awareness and awareness will also be provided to the people living.

A local told that he is listening to many stories about glaciers. Someone says that the Sushar glacier is stopped and someone says he is moving rapidly. However, residents of Al-Abad, the central area of ​​Hinja, are masculine that the water supply route will be closed after a month after glaciers shrink. Because above a glacier, a pipeline is coming along the bridge of wood, as well as Al-Abidi.

The local farmer Arman Ali said, 'The next 20 days will destroy the glacier square bridge'. We check the glaciers daily and are very concerned about the line of water. It will also affect the crops but who can stay ahead of the glacier.

Written by Rana Saeed Khan, written for Thomson Reuters's Alert Net.