Selfie With cockroach new trend is intrduced

Myanmar: In recent years, we have seen many stupid and strange cellular challenges on social media, in which Caucasch Salafies are a new kind of rage which is rapidly moving forward.

Under the Red Bag Challenge, it is being posted on social media by keeping its cafes alive on the face. Although the final date of its start, nobody knows yet, but this challenge has been known since last month. First of all, one of Myanmar's youngsters Alexix Ong started it.

Alix first put a living red bag on her face and took her cell phone and posted it to the Facebook account. He posted his picture and wrote that 'this is a new challenge and can you do this?'

The picture was immediately wired and 5600 reactors came to it at a few hours and 18,000 people shared it. Even though it was shared, it was posted to the Philippines, Indonesia and other countries. After this, many people shed the red bag on the face and made salads and became a fate of a new cellular challenge.

Medical experts have emphasized that red bags are included in dirty insects and cause many alzymes and acne. Experts have said people should stay away from this challenge and get themselves sick.