Seeing a scary movie, a 77-year-old man died

Bangkok: The British man who has been holidays in Thailand has died after watching a scary movie in the cinema.
The 77-year-old retired British man was watching a famous cinema film 'Anna Bell's weak home' in a cinemas that he lost his life in sitting. However, after the movie ended, the person found it.
After the movie was over, a lady saw Bernard on her seat and informed the administration. The woman was scared of fear and ambulance was sought. Ambulance staff declared them dead and their body was dispatched to the hospital for necessary action.
Earlier, the Cinema staff banned people from making photographs and videos of Bernard. While many people were watching the film sitting around it, they did not realize that the person sitting near was no longer in this world.
The police said that Bernard would be postmarked to know the cause of death and then his body would be arranged for the departure of Britain.
On the other hand, Britain's diplomatic staff is in constant touch with Thailand on this matter.