Samsung Galaxy-S10+ A Masterpiece of the latest technology Specification and Feature

Samsung is one of the top company in the world of smart phones. They introduce some of the very best smartphones every year.  This year they lauched a master piece of the latest technology named as Galaxy-S10+. Samsung’s tenth anniversary Galaxy S flagship lineup comes with three models of different sizes, and as expected, the S10+ is the version with the most amount of features and power under the hood. 
Samsung's Galaxy-S10+.

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Here are some of the breathtaking features of Galaxy-S10+.
Rear Camera:

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The Galaxy S10+ (and the S10) has a triple rear camera setup made up of a primary 12MP Dual Aperture (F1.5-F2.4) lens, a 16MP F2.2 ultra-wide lens with a 123-degree field of view, and a 12MP F2.4 telephoto lens that enables 2x zoom. And honestly, the 12MP primary camera and 12MP telephoto lens perform pretty well. One of the most awaited camera features of the S10 trio was no doubt Bright Night, which takes and combines multiple long exposure pictures of a scene and combines them to give you better lit photos in the dark. 
Front camera:

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The 10MP+8MP dual front camera setup’s main purpose is to take portrait/bokeh pictures (Live Focus), but what Samsung hasn’t pointed out is that the second camera also lets you take slightly wider selfies than the primary selfie snapper. Thanks to Dual Pixel autofocus, the front cameras are pretty good at maintaining focus on your face and there’s a fair amount of detail in selfies taken outdoors. The S10+ tends to blur out selfies taken in low light, though. It’s worse than previous flagships, in fact, so you will have to hold the phone really steady.

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Along with the hardware design, the main head turner with any Samsung phone is the display, and the S10 Plus’ does not disappoint in the least. It’s a 6.4-inch OLED panel with rich, vibrant colors and excellent viewing angles. It gets extremely bright for use in direct sunlight, and has enough resolution that individual pixels are impossible to see with the naked eye. The screen stretches all the way to the top and bottom of the phone, with just the slimmest of bezels above and below it.

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The S10 Plus’ 4,100 mAh battery lasted an epic 12 hours and 35 minutes on our web surfing test, beating every major flagship phone in the last year. Battery life may get better with time, especially with Samsung’s so-called ’24hr Intelligent Battery’ feature that learns your usage pattern and tries to improve battery life where possible, but we were quite disappointed with the battery performance out of the box. 
In-display fingerprint sensor:

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The fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S10 and S10+ is a big deal because it resides under the display, bringing the fingerprint reader back to the front after two years of less-than-ideal placement at the rear. Samsung has gotten rid of the iris sensor, leaving just fingerprint and facial recognition as the biometric options. the in-display fingerprint reader is neat, but it’s not truly awesome. It’s accurate and fast when it works, but there’s a fairly steep learning curve as far as getting used to putting your finger on the display the right way is concerned. 

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The Galaxy S10 trio is pretty much the same glass and metal package as its predecessors, but have two new additions. An in-display fingerprint sensor and a cutout for the front cameras right inside the screen. The bezels are considerably smaller as the camera resides in the display, and that allows the S10+ to offer a 6.4-inch screen despite the same overall size as the Galaxy S9+. At the back, Samsung has chosen to keep things classy by not going overboard with gradient colors, with a very subtle change of shade depending on how the light hits the glass. 
S10+ come with a base of 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, which is a healthy amount. The Galaxy S10+ also has an even higher spec model available, which comes with an astonishing 1TB of internal storage and an equally amazing 12GB of RAM. This is something crazy and Unknown to the smartphone world. 
Galaxy S10 lineup is the first to come with Android Pie and One UI out of the box. It’s One UI 1.1 here instead of 1.0 that we find on the Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S8, and Galaxy Note 8. Digital Wellbeing is designed to help you reduce your smartphone addiction. It keeps track of the number of times you unlock the phone, open different apps, and receive notifications over the course of the day, and you can have it raise an alarm if you use a particular app too much. 

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The Galaxy S10+ gets stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos support, with the earpiece used as one of the channels for stereo output. The speakers can get really loud but don’t distort even at highest volume, although they’re not as bass-heavy as some might like. For them, there are the AKG-tuned earphones in the box. These remain unchanged from before and offer excellent audio quality, although Samsung is keeping the focus on higher frequencies with the earphones as well.
Wireless Charging:
This phone has got a wireless charging feature as well. It is much more improved than the previous versions. Samsung says the faster wireless charging speeds can be obtained from its Wireless Charger Duo and other wireless chargers with 10 watt+ power output, and the S10+ charges faster than other flagships with even the convertible wireless charger Samsung released with the Galaxy S8.
Wireless Power Share:
This is another crazy feature of this extraordinary smartphone. The Galaxy S10 charge other devices wirelessly via the Wireless PowerShare feature. It works fine, and Wireless PowerShare is certainly handy for charging wearable devices. The only problem with Wireless PowerShare is that you can’t really use the phone when you charge a wearable device with it, as the phone has to be kept upside down. That shouldn’t be a factor when you try to charge other phones with the S10+.
The Galaxy S10+ is an amazing phone. For a tenth anniversary flagship, it comes with just the right amount of new features. The smaller bezels make for a compact design, the Super AMOLED display is beautiful, the ultra-wide rear camera is great to have, the in-display fingerprint sensor is nifty, and battery life is better than any previous Galaxy S flagship.