Saba Qamar congratulates Sirmad Sultan Khost

Saba Qamar congratulates Sirmad Sultan Khost

LAHORE: Actress Saba Qamar has congratulated Sarmad Sultan Khost for screening at the Bojan International Film Festival in his new film, zindgi Tamasha.In her congratulatory message on the social media by the name of Sarmad Sultan Khost, Saba Qamar said that she treats her more like a family than a friend. In his message, he addressed Sarmad: "I am proud that you do not make films to make money, but to do something in the showbiz industry ... and you make your films wholeheartedly. May Allah give you all the success you deserve. "

The Bojan International Film Festival is held annually in the city of Bozean, South Korea, where directors and producers from around the world submit their films for screening, usually in the hundreds. Only a few of these films can be selected for screening. In this regard it is a very important achievement of the Pakistani film industry globally.

It should be noted that this is yet another big film by the director, Sarmad Sultan Khost, after "Manto", which got fame in 2015, in which he himself will appear in a smaller role. Jeevan Tamasha's mainstream audience is prominent while the film is also ready for early release in Pakistan.

Sarmad Sultan Khost is the son of famous comedian and Pakistani versatile actor Irfan Khost, who started his career with comedy roles but soon following in his father's footsteps accepted almost every role as a challenge and accepted every form I excelled in my ability to perform well. Along with acting, he also directed in dramas and then he appeared in films.

Not only was Sarmad Sultan directed by Saadat Hassan Minto's life, he was also seen in the role of Minto. The film was widely praised by critics from all over the world, and it was successful at the box office.