Russian student earns millions by making beautiful signatures for others

Moscow: Everyone wants their signature to be beautiful and different. Under the same requirement, the Russian student has provided facilities to offer signature and now he is playing millions.

A large number of people come to design their signature and they get money for it. Under their online service, they prepare signals for traders, managers, and other business and celebrities, and people are happy to pay for it.

When the house was 20 years old, he needed to change his passport but he had matched his old signature and was looking for a beautiful signature. On this occasion, a friend of the hymnologists prepared signatures for them and taught them how to make it. Then the idea of ​​opening a house sign-up company came to mind.

Then he put some signals of samples to Instagram and spent a few hundred dollars in advertising. In the next 12 hours he had the first work and increased the work so that he had to keep another designer happy letter on his job. Thus, the company's income set up in December 2018 has now exceeded the $ 30,000 year. Here's a lot of workforce along with family friends Anastasia, who make special types of auto-signals.

Now there are three to four orders daily under the Wright Knight Company. Apart from Russia, people from the UK, Germany and America have ordered to design their own beautiful designer.