Russian billionaire squeezed thousands of dollars on conference attendees

Russian billionaire squeezed thousands of dollars on conference attendees

St. Petersburg: Rupees do not grow on trees and dollars do not fall from the sky, but a billionaire Russian billionaire has rained dollars on participants during a conference.In a conference called for young businessmen and entrepreneurs, Igor Rybikov rained on the rooftop of the hall on a $ 20,000 note participant whose cost in Pakistani rupees is 3 million rupees.

The conference was called by Igor to help young entrepreneurs, but after seeing the notes, all the young people won to raise dollars.

Igor is currently one of Russia's wealthiest businessmen. His assets have been estimated at $ 1.5 billion and he owns dozens of companies, but his practice of squeezing dollars on social media has been criticized, but according to him, it is a good process that has made people happy.

Attendees gathered in the hall to collect notes that were danced at the Gazprom Arena in St. Petersburg. Igor said he has worked hard to raise money and his father Vladimir gave him only a dollar for the business. Daddy advised them to multiply this dollar and prove themselves eligible.

At the conference, he, like his father, wanted to give young people dollars so that they could make more money on their way.

Now Igor is among Russia's 100 largest billionaire billionaires with billion dollars. To talk to the conference, he asked for a fee of two million dollars, of which $ 20,000 was spent on people and according to them is the money they want to return to society.

Igor Rybikov hails from the industrial city of Magneto Gorsak and his company is named Techno Nicol Corporation, which manufactures materials for buildings, but he is also very generous and continues to help people.