Revival of Film Industry depends upon the quality of films.Always try to be a little different, thoughts of actor and director Ajab Gul. 

God gifted people made a name for them in every field of life. It is not necessary that whatever a person think is gonna happen but sometimes your destiny decide your destination. There are many people in showbiz who came here to do some thing and went the other way. Similarly we talk about a person who came here to become a writer but end up as an actor. He started his career from pakistan television peshawar and achieved many heights. He made some good serials but his acting in the movies increase his fans dramatically.

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He along with acting considerd to be a good director as well. Talking with the Asian news  he said. 
I am a black belt in karate. In 1984 i hold a script and went straight into the peshawar television center where i met director Jahanzaib Sohail. He stared at me and i wad a bit nervous whether he's gonna like my script or not. I carefully gave him the script he took it from my hand and put on the table and in return gave me another script and said memorize this and came back tommorow. I was shocked i said to him i don't know about acting, i couldn't do that but he said this character suits you anf you can do it.

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There was no telephone those days so i reached there in time. He entered into the room and took my audition and i passed it that's how i got my first drama serial "Mosam" and it was a successful serial. He went on to work with directors such as Masud Ahmad Shah from PTV Peshawer in his first Pashto drama serial “Fasiley”, Rashid Dar in “Suraj ke saath saath” which was his breakthrough serial in Lahore, Saleem Tahir in his first Punjabi serial “Kicker Kanday” and Nusrat Thakur in “Piyas”. Ajab Gul made his debut on the silver screen with the Pashto film “Dato-Pakht” in 1987, followed closely by his urdu film debut in 1989 with Mumtaz Ali Khan’s film “Qiyamat se Qiyamat”. He has recently starred in the hit film “Dukhtar”.

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Ajab Gul was born on July 15th in 1964 in Peshawer, Pakistan which makes him 53 years old as of 2017. Little is known about his educational background except that he entered showbiz right after completing his masters in Pashto from the University of Peshawar. This was in 1984 when he was just 20 years of age.
Gul believes all films must have a purpose. They should entertain the audience, but also deliver a message. This is why today’s film experiments do not sit well with him. While new film-makers are experimenting with cinema these days, Gul feels cinema is a place for “creation” instead. Questioned whether creation can exist without experimentation, Gul responded, Look, creation needs creativity, which in turn, comes from sensitivity. Our films need to have a purpose, a meaning.

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Clearly not satisfied with the current state of regional cinema, Gul feels there is a lot that can and needs to be done. We have a lot of stories we want to tell, but no one seems willing to invest these days. There are a lot of subjects we can’t talk about. This land, Pakistan, is full of rich subjects, he stated. If someone ever wanted to produce a film like My Name is Khan in Pakistan, they would not be allowed to do so.