Relationship with Allah brough positive changes in life,Actress Rashma Gill

Relationship with Allah brough positive changes in life,Actress Yeshma Gill

Pakistan's new emerging actress Yashima Gul says that all of the good things that happened in life were only due to her relationship with Allah.Actress Yashima Gill, who stepped into the world of showbiz a few years ago, recently told the story of her life at the digital show of Samina Pirzada and told how she had become inclined to religion in a way that was not Latin.

The actress said that at first she did not believe in Allah's presence and her presence and her faith was very weak, then over time she started to believe in Allah's presence, she said that now I am one of those trying to practice religion Islam.

Yashma Gul recounted her life saying that she was depressed at an early age and looked at everything from her perspective, wondering why all my worries were not resolved if Allah is real.

He said his friend Warda has a great role in attracting religion.

Photo: Courtesy Yashima Gill Instagram
Talking in the interview, the actress said that when I went to Australia to complete my studies there I met a girl whose name was Varda and she was wearing a hijab, immediately after seeing this idea in my mind. Although I could never be her friend, our thinking is very different, but when I spent some time with her, she proved to be a good person and then we became friends.

On the show of Samina Pirzada, actress Yashma Gul told me that my friend Wardha told me that Ramadan is coming so you have to fast for a whole month and have to pray 5 times. After doing this you will feel the difference in yourself. Will be.

Photo: Courtesy Yashima Gill Instagram
The actress said that when I started following her to prove Varda wrong, initially I did not feel any difference in myself, but as the month of Ramadan progressed, many positive changes in my life began to occur. Done, my relations with my family improved, and I got a job in Australia.

Photo: Courtesy Yashima Gill Instagram
As the month of Ramadan came to an end, I gave up prayer, which led to depression back then, and after that I realized that all these wonderful things that happened suddenly in my life, were only related to Allah. Because of this, and thus my life moved from infinite to Islam.

Obviously, actress Yashima Gul started her career with modeling but at the beginning of her career she had to go to Australia to complete her studies, after studying there she returned to Pakistan and entered the showbiz industry. The actress has also recently appeared as a supporting actress in the drama 'A'.