Read a crisp on the stone and get three million rupees in the prize

FRANCE: A mysterious writing on a very large rock in a French village, but people could not even understand that. Now villagers have announced that if hundreds of years old, the secret of this writing will be handed over to us for $ 2250 or Rs 3 lakh.

This stone is available on the beach, which has at least 20 lines written. There is also a place written in 1786 and 1787, but its secret has not yet been discovered. It also has ancient ships, its thirst and a heart picture.

Local scholars and experts have tried to read this mysterious logic Sang, but he is still at the same level of interest. Some people believe that semi-literate people have lost meaningless words on the rock, but a group insists that the writing is in ancient Breton or Basque language.

"We contacted historians and artists, but no one could know the secret of writing on the rock," says Dominican Cape, the Mayor of the Palestinian Territory of France. Now the message is being announced for the reward. '

The 230-year-old ancient writer means 2000 euros ($ 2250 or 30000 lakhs) for the teller. This writer is required for a reader to go before the Mayor's Office and register his registration and accept this challenge. If you are working hard to read this, its last date is up to November.