Rahim Pardesi said that nobody hits Froggy

(Web Desk)  Rahim pardesi a pakitani British YouTuber said in  a video that Froggy was not punched by anyone during Shaam idrees meet and greet in Karachi.

He brought forward the boy who was accused of punching Froggy. Although the boy accepted that he  grabbed Shaam by the collars but he denied hiting Froggy.

The boy also said that he sent a message of apology to Shaam for the incident and asked to meet him so he could clarify but he didn't respond.Rahim Pardesi said that the video is not monetized and is made  to end the drama only and showed what went on that day.

He further addressing Shaam, stated that ‘You ( Shaam Idrees) should be ashamed of yourself accusing a kid just to revive your damaged reputation. Don’t even dare to contact this guy for he had the guts to come forward.’