Rabbi Pirzada discusses social media criticizing PM

Rabbi Pirzada discusses social media criticizing PM

KARACHI: Pakistani singer Rabbi Pirzada has criticized the Prime Minister's sentiment program for criticizing the Langar scheme and advised the prime minister not to make people earn money by demanding it.Singer Rabbi Pirzada has been very active on social media, sharing her daily routine with fans and even commenting on government issues and often avoiding criticizing government and government members.

Recently, Rabbi Pirzada has criticized the tourist anchor scheme under the Prime Minister's Emotion Program, saying that Khan's is a good thing to feed the hungry. But instead of breaking free bread on the anchor, you would work hard and learn to eat.

Rabbi Pirzada criticized the Prime Minister's move and advised that the Prime Minister should try to understand you, the people are not beggary, they want to work, there is a lot of unemployment in Pakistan.

Rabbi Pirzada's tweet has been widely praised on social media and people are agreeing that the permanent solution to unemployment is not to distribute anchor but to provide jobs.

A user named Shakeel Ahmed Khan replied to Rabbi Pirzada's tweet, "There are many people who are unable to work, some are getting older, some are surrounded by illness. But as far as employment is concerned, one hundred percent correct is the supply of employment.

Many people praised Rabbi Pirzada's tweet.

However, some people opposed Rabbi Pirzada, saying that if Bibi, a laborer working for free, eats free bread there and who earns 100, 50, takes it home in the evening, he has said bad things.

A user named Mohammed Fahim cannot eat two meals a day because of insecurity and unemployment, so if a person is doing good things then encourage him. When he advised Rabbi Pirzada that you are a model, can't you open the anchor box?