Punishment for not fulfilling promises: People wear female clothes to the mayor

Mexico: It is the old practice of politicians to make various promises to win an election, and not to fulfill those promises after winning the election. The people make a lot of noise and protest against this promise of politicians but they do not punish them. But in a Mexican town, the public has set a new precedent for the whole world by wearing women's clothing as punishment for the mayor against his promise.

In the Mexican town of Hoxton, Havasier Subasian Himenez Sanchez, while fighting for the mayor's election, promised the people there that they would improve the city's water supply and drainage system. On the basis of that promise, he won the election and became the mayor, but whenever asked about his promise to fulfill his promise, he used the toll-free and offered some excuse.

Last month, people in the town were fed up with the mayor's excuses and entered the mayor's office in case of a mob. But instead of vandalizing the office, they surrounded the mayor and the municipal trustee (practically the deputy mayor) and dressed them in women's clothes. The two were then driven around town streets for four days. Everywhere they went, people held protest banners in their hands.

Mayor Santez said he did his best to keep the promises made during the election campaign, but the development funds received from Hoxton were given to other areas, but people there were not ready to accept the excuse. ۔ He says the mayor has put all the development funds in his pocket and is lying to the public.

He has now demanded that a formal investigation committee be formed to investigate the alleged microfinance of Hoxton's development funds so that he could decide whether or not to blame Mayor Santez.

People around the world have praised the process after these pictures and videos went viral on the Internet. Some people, even harassed by politicians, have written that they too will punish government officials responsible for the problems in their area.

We guess what readers reading this weird news are thinking about Pakistani politicians… now do you wear women clothes to the pledging politicians? It depends on you.