Protection of the environment and climate is extremely useful to the global economy

Protection of the environment and climate is extremely useful to the global economy

WASHINGTON: The World Environment and Climate Protection Agency has said that if we take some measures to tackle climate change , it will have a positive impact on the global economy, which is estimated to cost 7 trillion annually. (US $ 7000 billion).

In this regard, the World Commission on Climate Change (Global Commission on Adaptation) has published a report endorsed  by Bill Gates, the World Bank and former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. ۔ In this regard, this first report, in which climate change is linked to rapid climate change, is described as an economic benefit rather than a burden.

The report states that now is the time to act. The report emphasizes the importance of protecting mangroves as well as all flood protection measures. According to the report, the adverse effects of climate change are occurring all over the world.

In this regard, experts have said that this process is very useful to the economy. Experts say after careful evaluation of the report that if one dollar was spent on climate and climate change, there could be two to ten dollars in economic benefits. If natural disaster warning systems are built for the next ten years, or the infrastructure to deal with them will cost about $ 2 trillion and result in $ 7 billion in benefits. ۔

In the context of this report, Ban Ki-moon, Bill Gates and World Bank officials have said that the pace of global warming is fast and our actions are inadequate. The report says the city's cities are getting dried up by water, wildfires and other devastating effects are coming out.

According to the Commission, if no practical steps were taken at this time, a third reduction in global agricultural production could occur. The report also says that one side has to overcome hazardous gas emissions while the other side has to take measures against climate change; and both will have to work together.