Preparing of "Food" from electricity, water and air!

Helsinki, Finland: A Finland-based company "Solar Foods" has invented a unique way of making protein-rich diet, which may be very helpful in solving the global problem of protein deficiency in the coming years. Interestingly, in this way only air, water and electricity are required to make food, while solar energy is used to meet the needs of electricity, so that the whole way remains environmentally friendly.

The diet prepared on this method is called Solein, which is the "solar protein". This new technique of making protein is largely associated with the process of estimation which is used mostly in the wine industry. During the first phase, electricity generated from the water is removed by bubbles of hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

Then, this whole management involves living kidney beans (microbes) that produce carbon dioxide, water and air simultaneously, making different types of proteins that are in form of soluble.

At the last stage, this soluble is dried and these proteins remain in shape of sulfur (powder). In the dry condition, 50% of the "solen" consists of protein, while it looks like wheat flour in seeing and eating.

According to the solar foods, adding the solen to any type of diet can be unusual in its nutrition, while there is no need for any kind of agricultural activity to produce soline. The company claims that the way to prepare solenarity can be expanded easily to the commercial scale, while it is ten times more performing than Ziulith compilation (photography orthopedic). Apart from this, water usage rates are more environmentally friendly than 10 to 100 times compared to normal agriculture. Solar Foods plan to increase the production of solen by 2021 by two billion doses annually.

It is clear that currently the largest source of protein in the world is meat, which is becoming increasingly limited to population production. If this method of protein making is proven successful, in other ways, other institutions will also get this technology on license and our dependence on meat will be reduced.