Preparation of short MRI scanner prototype

London: Medical engineers of Imperial College London have developed a Prototype of the "Mini MRI" scanner, which is almost equal to half current current performance compared to current MRI scans and in performance.

So far, this short MRI scanner has been successfully tested in taking animal bones and joints of the pair, whereas human trials will begin next year.

This is an important breakthrough in the field of magnetic resonance imaging or "MRI" because the MRI used at this time is not only tons of tons but also made them a big and especially installed. The air conditioned room is required. That's why MRI machines can afford only large hospitals, while only one MRI scan can be charged upto Rs. 50,000 or more.

According to the article published in the latest magazine's Magnetic Research journal's latest issue, the secret of making MRI scanners short is on the "magic angle" that reduces the magnetic field (Magnetic field). The distance can be centered better and the body's internal mirror can also be explained.

"This angle is 55 degrees, with internal tissues look more bright while the magnetic field is also concentrated according to our needs," according to Dr. Dr. Chapel, senior researcher of the small MRI invention team. In this phase, the short MRI scanner will be used to provide immediate medical assistance to the injured players in the field of sports.

How much will it cost and how long will it be available? Anything about this would be a pre-time, because in the next phase it will be tested on human beings and if it is successful then its preparation on the commercial scale will be started.