Preparation of environmentally friendly pesticides from spider poisoning

Preparation of environmentally friendly pesticides from spider poisoning

Sydney: Most types of spiders are naturally poisoned, which they use to protect an attacker, or to kill their prey. But now these same poisons are being used in the manufacture of new types of environmentally friendly pesticides.

The spider poison harms a worm only when it gets into its body. That is, if it spreads on the ground or is scattered in the atmosphere, it is completely harmless. That is what makes Spider Poison an effective and environmentally friendly insect repellent.

After years of research and experimentation, an American biotech company has now introduced a new pesticide containing spider poison into the market that targets only those pests that chew different parts of the plant with great precision. , Including tharps and white bees. The spider from which the poison is made, is found in the "Blue Mountains" area in Australia and is called the "funnel web spider".

A worm that hits the drug dies within a few hours of being infected or swallowed, while the drug itself dissolves into harmless substances within just two days. In addition, the cost of producing it is also significantly lower, which causes its popularity to rise.

It should be noted that up to now, there have been so many side effects of pesticides used in agriculture that many of these medicines have been banned globally. Insecticides such as spider poisonous insecticides may be a good alternative.