Preparation of  NASA's Miryak spacecraft see live  24 hours

Pedestina, California: The genetic engineering of 'Jet Propulsion Laboratory', a historic laboratory based on the spacecraft and mission outside the ground, is currently working on a major marine spacecraft and now with a 24-hour live camera, you have different aspects of the project. Will be able to see you

March 2020 is being assembled in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In this robotic mission, a helicopter will also be installed, in addition to a high-resolution camera installed you will also be able to see its landing on planet Mars. Next year, the Atlas Pamphlet Rocket will be sent to Mars.

Mars travels from the land of 2020 to Mars. First, it will go into space by breaking the chaos of first-rate attraction and setting up a journey of a million kilometers, the alien travel between the planets will be in space and reach the Red Planet. But ahead of this, it will be the biggest challenge.

More than 1000 kilograms of spacecraft will enter the deadly sea, and with a help of a heavenly crane, the deadly ground will fall on the deadly floor. NASA's experts have set aside different strategies for each potential threat.

From the latest devices, the elegant Marus will review the upper level of 2020 Mars and see whether there is possibility of obesity or whether or not it has been happening in the past?

This livecamere is installed in the High Bay Cleaning Room at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In which you can see the progress of a 24-hour spacecraft. This camera has been named 'C Number 2020', where you can find questions from specialists textbook for 5 hours on Monday and Thursday, and get answers to NASA's media team.

The helicopter involved in the mission is not to be a scientific research but to experience a helicopter flight in the very short sea of ​​Mars. Click on this link to see the direct preparation of Mar 2020, and your link will open in YouTube Live Video.