Only touching this fungus can cause death

Only touching this fungus can cause death

Australia: The world's most dangerous and deadly fungus has been discovered for the first time in a remote part of Australia. It has previously been found in other countries, including Japan and Korea.It is called 'Poison fire coral fungus', which is a clear picture taken by a local photographer. The fungus was present in the Cairns area, which was immediately recognized by scientists at James Cook University.

Due to the fungus color of the fungus, people regarded it as poisonous as a mushroom, and that is why many people in Japan and Korea have died to it because of its red color. Similar mushrooms are consumed with tea in both countries. Be aware that mushrooms are a type of fungus.

Professor James Barrett of James Cook University says that this discovery has shown that it is present in Australia along with other countries, and its significance is increasing.

It should be noted that this is the only mushroom in the world that if touched can poison its body, after which the patient's condition becomes uterine. On the other hand, the body becomes swollen with vomiting, diarrhea and fever; and death can occur.

The reason for this is that the fungus poison first affects the brain and shrinks it and then causes death by affecting several organs. But timely treatment can save the life of the affected person.

Amazingly this fungus can be used in pharmaceuticals. Poison fire has been photographed by coral fungus Ray Palmer, who has been photographing fungi and mushrooms for many years. According to him, he was surprised to see the firecrackle poison fungus and immediately took his picture.