Onions; a treasure trove of benefits

Onions; a treasure trove of benefits

Onions; a treasure trove of benefits

You may be surprised to know that "onions" are used in medicine more than in the kitchen. Onions have so many benefits that scientists and health professionals around the world claim that even if all the vegetables and plants disappear from the planet and only onions are left in their place, humans will not remain in the gap. It is estimated that there are a number of infectious diseases of children, men and women, in which the use of onions is beneficial.

The effectiveness of onions is so beneficial in some traumatic diseases that there are precious medicines ahead of them. Chemical analysis of onions revealed that it contains a large amount of vitamins and other valuable ingredients. Onion is a germ, its use is a guarantee of deep sleep. Wanting to give up sleeping pills If the onion broth smokes for a few days, the complaint of a low dream will go away forever.

In France, onion soup is passionately consumed, which is the reason why France has fewer heart diseases than other European countries.
In World War II, Russian doctors treated soldiers wounded on the front war with only raw onions. The onion was tied to the wound and within a couple of days the wound would dry.

Heart failure has become increasingly common in the post-modern, though it has been revealed in British hospitals after analysis that the continued use of onions protects against heart diseases. King Nero of Rome is famous for eating onions to improve his voice. The smell of onion stops bleeding. Coat the white onion and squeeze the cloth to drain the water and half-warm it and add a few drops to the ear.

On the day of the cholera, the onion should be rinsed and kept in place at home so that the house smells of the onions all over the house.

Combine onion water and rye oil in arthritis and massage the joints, it will open the joints and relax. Grinding onions for sore throat and mixing sugar makes it okay.

Water is running out of nose due to a cold. Smelling onion water and eating onions are useful. For abdominal pain, squeeze the onion in a fire and drain the water. Feel the patient with salt mixed in it, the pain will go away.

Smelling onions is useful for stopping vomiting. It also relieves nausea. Coat the onion for the bladder stones and drain the water and drink four towels daily in the morning.