Museum of 8000 bodies and structures in Italy

Italy: A museum serving Cemetery in Sisli area in Italy is at least 400 years old. Earlier in 1599 the priests guarded the body of a large scale 'Sylvester's Guineaevo' and placed it in the underground basement room.
The museum has been named Palmero Cape where the number of mummy and men has now reached thousands.
The bodies were brought here from 1600 to 1920, but this series is now obsolete. The priests and other staff here had a strict ban on photographs of the Cemetery Museum. That's why this interesting place is not visible at the scene.
Here, various types of molding of dead bodies can be seen with their own eyes and on the same hand, it can also be called natural laboratory of human physical disorders. Some bodies have skin layers, hair and nails, but some bodies are visible only to some other items. While many bodies are also victims of breakdown.
A body present here is dressed with beautiful clothes and hats and its long hair can also be seen. The body of another innocent child is also present here, which has a golden strip on its head. Although in 1880 the cemetery place was closed but some of the bodies were still there till 1920.

The walls of this museum are horizontal and vertical from the bodies now. But here is an application before the dead to be buried, and the family of the deceased is also required to pay its risk.

The total number of bodies in the museum is more than 8000 and the number of mimi is near 1200 and the staff present here takes care of the bodies. However, it was not known whether or not ordinary viewers could come here.