Muhammad Amir Is Sign Of Fear For The Other Teams In The World Cup.There's is no hypocritical culture with in the board: Sabih Azhar

Regional cricket is a good supply line of players for pakistan. Every player of the national team come through a system. 
There are different requirements in the domestic and international cricket. Special interview of regional head coach with Asian news. 
Interview: Sohail Malik
Sabih Azhar while talking about himself told that when i left cricket in 1999, i prefer to remain with in cricket and do something relevant to it. Initially i tried for umpiring but unfortunately there wasn't any umpiring course that year. When Mr Touqeer Zia come into the power he introduce the coaching system in 2000. I did the initial coaching course, watching my interest in coaching he said to me to pursue the coaching. From that time till now I'm doing coaching. Thanks to Almighty Allah i have done all the courses regarding coaching from level one to four.

I have completed all the studies relevant to coaching. In terms of practical coaching i have done coaching with junior, senior and women team and travel with these teams in different countries. If we talk about the local Rawalpindi team, i have won the Quaid e Azam trophy two times as a coach. I have won t20 and many junior tournments as well. Approximately 13 players who represent pakistan at international level had played under my captaincy. I have trained them at the U13 level. Pakistan has blessed with a lot of talent in cricket.


Pakistan has given special attention to domestic cricket in recent years. The good thing is that a player induced in the system at the U13 level. The grooming of the player starts from U13 and then he play U16 and U19 tournments and then went to the senior team and then inducted into the first class cricket. From this reason good talent is comming through out. Regional system is getting start now and positive changing are going to happen in domestic cricket. As a domestic coach i have seen a lot of talent through out the country. There's a replacement for every retiring player for example Shadab and Yasir took over the responsibilities of Saeed Ajmal. Pakistan is blessed with a lot of fast bowling talent but there's a lot to do in terms of bating.

There should be 5 6 batsman who could serve Pakistan for a long time. There's is nothing to worry about and I'm hopeful about future.  All the coaches on regional level are very professional and most of the players are come through this system. Regional cricket is a good supply line for pakistan. He further added that the team selected for England tour and for the world cup is a very balanced side and they have some very good players. As a coach i think Muhammad Amir should be in the team for the World Cup because he is the symbol of a fear for the others. Overall this team is very balanced and Sarfaraz is a good captain. Last time under his captaincy team pakistan did well and won the champion's trophy in England. 

Talking about the retirement of senior players he said there's a lot of talent which could fill the gap of Muhammad Hafeez and Shoaib Malik. Muhammad Nawaz is a player which is a very good bowler and a smart batsman. He could fill the spot after hafeez's retirement. Similarly there are players who can replace Malik as well. But we should give them proper chances. 

He said that as head coach of a regional team it is my focus and duty to take my region to top three regions of the country and my players play for the country. If PCB offer me some other position then it will be my priority to serve the country. Coaching is my passion and i would love to service my country at any level. I'm enjoying my job and feeling good with the players. If a player perform well, i got an inner joy. He also said that he love talking to us and he'll continue to serve the country in the future as well.