Mufti Qawwari's Photo with Hareem Shah after Kandel Baloch went viral

Mufti Qawwari's  Photo with Harim Shah after Kandel Baloch went viral

Mufti Qawwari's  Photo with Hareem Shah after Kandel Baloch went viral

KARACHI: Controversial tick-talk star Harim Shah's mutilated photo with Mufti Abdul Qawi has sparked outrage on social media.After the scandal with Pakistan's controversial social media star Kandil Baloch, the photo of Mufti Abdul Qawi with Tuck Talk star Harem Shah is going viral on social media. The two are standing together in the picture.

There has been an uproar over this image on social media. People are linking Harem Shah to Kandel Baloch, expressing concern over the image of Harimam and Mufti Qawi. Why did this girl meet Mufti Qawi? Do Mufti Qawwish want to come back into the news or will Harimam Shah's fate be similar to that of Qandeel Baloch?

On the other hand, according to social media reports, Mufti Qawi said in reference to the photo that he met Harem in Islamabad where Harem expressed his desire to take selfies with him. Was.

It should be noted that the self-styled Selphi has created a riot on social media with Mufti Mukti of Pakistan's most controversial social media star, Kandil Baloch, but she has proved to be Kundel Baloch's last selfie.

After this incident, Qandeel Baloch was killed by his brother. Religious scholar Mufti Abdul Qawi was also arrested along with other suspects in the Kandel Baloch murder case, but Mufti Qawwi was acquitted by the court in September last year.