The Modi government abolished the special status of occupied Kashmir in the Indian Constitution

New Delhi: The Indian government has announced the termination of Articles 370 and 35A on the special status of occupied Kashmir.

The Modi government, in its presidential decree, abolished Articles 370 and 35A relating to the special status of occupied Kashmir. In the Indian constitution, the special status of Kashmir has been abolished.

Indian Home Minister Amit Shah also submitted a bill to abolish Articles 370 and 35A relating to the special status of Kashmir in the Parliament Rajya Sabha. During the meeting, the Indian opposition protested the situation in occupied Kashmir.
With the termination of this clause of the Indian constitution, Kashmiris, like the Palestinians, will be displaced, as millions of non-Muslim settlers will settle in Kashmir, which will seize their lands, resources and jobs.

Kashmir's Muslim-majority status threatens to collapse

Under Article 370 of the Constitution of India, the State of Jammu and Kashmir has a special status in the federation. Occupied Kashmir is allowed to make its constitution and in many cases the implementation of the Indian federal constitution is prohibited in Jammu and Kashmir.

Under Article Article, no Indian citizen or institution can buy property except Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir, while land for industrial factories and dams cannot be obtained.

The cancellation of Sections 370 and 35A will radically alter the demographic, geographical and religious status of occupied Kashmir. Muslim-majority status of occupied Kashmir will be abolished and non-Muslims and non-Kashmiris will be settled there.