M.K Sherazi, The Sparkling Star Of The Showbiz World. 

M.K Sherazi is the person who earns a name in the showbiz through his hard work and devotion. His serials portray a message.  His serial are so much islamic and  have many lessons. M.K Sherazi said that due to the Guidance of seniors and support of friends and prayers of family i reached there.

Without the blessings of Parents and hardships of life taught a lot of things in life. I never give up rather than kept my self focused on my goals. I tried to show the problems and injustice of the society in my serials. Talking with Asian News he said that his new drama serial is " Walk Zroori Hay". In this serial if you fear about a relationship could get into trouble than you have to be a little strict. My serials including Takabur ki sazaa, Aik the Badshah, Shirazi k totkay and  Hakeem Shirazi. He further told that this Ramadan his dramas are going on air on different tv channels. Very soon going to make a big movie. In showbiz likes and dislikes are preferred. But it is my belief that if a person works hard and have talent then he got success.

M.K Shirazi told that he feeld pain when he look at the poors. Government should look after them. Talk about personal life he said that his wife support him through out in showbiz. Whenever i get into a trouble my wife and mom help me out. What ever I'm today is due to them. He further told that his favorite actor is Qavi Khan. Government should encourage the showbiz industry. The actor of the neighbouring country didn't sleep hungry but here the actors died a slow painful death. There should be a versatile plan for the recovery of industry.

He told that his favorite recipe is Daal Mash (Black grum), Kadu (Butternut squash)  and Gobi (Cabbage). Our pakistani nation is very hardworking and i believe one day we will become a super power. He thanked all his friends for standing with him in all difficulties.