Mikey Arthur Unhappy with PCB Upon Coaching matter

Former coach Mikey Arthur, who was unconcerned with the behavior of the PCB, quietly returned to the country, including Borybuster after payment of dues.

Mikey Arthur's contract is up to August 15, but if the deal is not extended he has to take the path home. According to sources, the former coach was convinced that he wished he would be given the opportunity to take on more responsibilities with the team, but he was unhappy with the board officials when the decision to retire was announced, a few days ago. On the last day, Mikey Arthur, who appeared on the last day at the National Cricket Academy, was busy on the phone. Didn't do it According to sources, the former coach was not convinced that the board could treat him as such.

Grant Flower's case, on the other hand, appears to be something like this. However, the media also reported that Flower was not willing to do any more work after the contract was completed, but the opposite was true, with Mikey on his retirement. PCB officials are angry.