Merchandise bought Seah at $ 7 million sold at $ 9 million

London: A person who bought a chess made in the medieval covenant only bought a $ 7 dollar, and is now sold at $ 9,000,000.

According to the details, in 1831, 93 chains of the chess were discovered on the island of Lewis, which might be reached here after the collision of a ship. Experts searched for its remaining 5 seals.

The eleventh to the fourteenth century CE is called a medal or medieval covenant. In this period a seal of tooth-made chess container was absent from the Baita Basket. This seal was scattered by the teeth of the marine creatures of Wales. In 1964, this segment was purchased from the old goods selling corner store. It is believed that it was scaled in the twelfth or thirteenth century CE.

After this, this rare segment of chess was moving to the family of the family and finally it was handed over to the famous auction house 'Sudba', and the family also did not know that a segment would not be less than a treasure for them. Now this rare segment of chess is sold at Rs 14 crore.

This connection relates to the famous chess bedside of its era, and it is believed that it will be hidden or hiding somewhere for at least 500 years.