A mentally dead woman came out of a coma seven months later

A mentally dead woman came out of a coma seven months later

A mentally dead woman came out of a coma seven months later

Lahore: (Web Desk) There are some miracles of God's power around the world that are difficult to believe immediately, but the decisions of Almighty Allah are also lessons for us, mentally for several months. But the woman, who was found dead, mysteriously got out of a coma when doctors decided to end her life support.

An Ohio-based woman named Curtis Brisbane went into a coma in September 2018, and according to her mother, she was acting strangely before losing consciousness.

"It seemed like someone occupied my daughter and destroyed her life, I don't know why," said Curtis Williams.

These patients continue to perform strange movements in the hospital, such as dance and talk of madness, as clinicians diagnose a cerebral palsy in which the body itself attacks the brain cells.

The patient then went into a coma and remained in bed for 7 months, and his mother said that doctors said she was mentally ill and was about to end her life support.

"I did not get an education, but when it comes to your children, they do what is in your bus so they can bring them back to life.

Her daughter was taken to Ohio State University Medical Center for further treatment and left for coma on April 7, 2019.

Doctors treating the woman said she was surprised that the patient had come out of a coma, but also understood things after opening her eyes.

After leaving the hospital, the patient now celebrates the Christmas feast with his mother and children at home, and doctors expect her to be well-rested and lead a normal life.

The woman was diagnosed with an anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, first identified in 2007. NMDA receptors are proteins that play an important role in controlling electrical impulses in the brain.

In addition, they help to make decisions, understand reality, relate to people, control memory and conscious activities.