Meera is Innocent says Rabi Pirzada. 

She speaks her heart out, she is not vulpine and guile like others. 
Rabi Pirzada is a pakistani actress. She belongs to lahore. She belongs to a family quite famous in showbiz. She spend her childhood days in Los Angeles. She is the best model of Lahore. She has worked for many magazines. She is currently working in multi national companies and videos as a model. Actress and singer Rabi Pirzada called Meera an innocent woman. According to her Meera is an innocent actress, she speaks her mind out. She is not vulpine and guile like others and thats the things i like the most in her. She said that if Meera mistakenly said something then the whole media start following her. I personal know the Meera as an intelligent and professional actress. She only love her work and these successful movies are proving it. She still serves the film industry and someone shouldn't make joke of her innocence. I respect Meera from the bottom of my heart and I'm am and I'll be always there for her. Talking to media recently she added that as a respected citizen of pakistan i know my responsibilities . I pay all my taxes every year and news of FBR notice is not true. In a special talk with ANI Rabi Pirzada said that i know the system of a country runs on a tax system. Tax submission and collection is very important for Pakistan. I think that if a person don't pay tax if he is rich enough then he is stealing the right of the country and the poors. I pay tax every year and there is no fact in the news of FBR notice received to me.