'May Allah bless Ahsan Khan and Mahesh Hayat', comments on social media

'May Allah bless Ahsan Khan and Mahesh Hayat', comments on social media

Houston: Video of dance rehearsals going viral during the awards ceremony of renowned Pakistani actresses Mahesh Hayat and Hassan Khan has gone viral and social media has been critical of both users for indecently dancing.On the 7th we host the awards ceremony in the American city of Houston, where the performers conclude by giving excellent performances.

Actress Mahesh Hayat shared the video of her and Ahsan Khan's dance rehearsal with fans before the awards ceremony, which started to get praise from consumers instead of being praised.


Mahesh Hayat shared the video and wrote that he and Ahsan Khan are going to perform together during the awards show five years later. It can be seen in the video that Mahesh Hayat is dancing in a short pink dress while Ahsan Khan is also supporting them. However, the style and costume of both the social media users did not turn a blind eye and began to criticize rather than praise on the video.

Consumers again raised questions about giving Mahesh Hayat a sharp critique of dancing like a Bollywood actress in short dress, giving her a medal.

A woman named Roma Dilsher said there could be nothing more disgusting, Bollywood must copy. Do not show your color.

Many people are ashamed of Danny for dancing awkwardly. A user named Mudassar has written to Azad Kashmir and the copy is to be done to the Indians. Actor Ahsan Khan also hit the public when he danced with Mahish Hayat. A woman named Haniya said, "Ahsan sir is the one who is doing the Ramadan transmission now dance here is Allah instructing."

However, many people praised the dance of Mahesh Hayat and Ahsan Khan and praised them for their excellent performances.