The major inventions of NASA that you are unaware of

The major inventions of NASA that you are unaware of

There are many inventions of the American Space Research Institute (NASA) without which we cannot even imagine life, but interestingly, many of us do not even know that such important inventions were made by NASA. We will tell you about the most important NASA inventions you have been using daily in your life, and all of these inventions have made our lives a little easier.

1. Meters for calm sleep

If your sleep is calmer because you use mattresses to sleep, we have to thank NASA for this invention because the 'Matters' is the invention of the US space agency NASA.

NASA invented the Molty Foam in 1970 to allow astronauts and pilots to enjoy a comfortable and calm flight.

2. Image capture sensor

If you could save your selfie or memorable moments today with the help of a mobile phone or camera, it would not have been possible without NASA, NASA had invented a 'pixel sensor' to take a picture, which today is a mobile phone camera. And is used in digital cameras and can be used to capture a picture.

3. Water filtering system

NASA is always striving to create all kinds of facilities for people on earth, which is why it has made countless inventions to make life easier for human beings, including a 'water filtration system'. Is.

In 1960, NASA conducted a research through which they created a lightweight water filter system that operates with very little electricity, and is now used to filter water around the world.

4. Firefighter Equipment

NASA invented the firefighter's equipment, a lightweight mask that can be easily worn and breathable, an air bottle used to extinguish fire, which is used today by firefighters from all countries. Fighters are using.

5. Athlete Shows

A former NASA engineer introduced the concept of Athlete Shows, and today the leading companies that produce Athletic Shows produce shoes based on the concept of NASA.