The Lathopian couple won the world's competition race to pick up the  wife on shoulder

finland: The couple of Lathopian won the world's 253.5 meter race pick the wife on the shoulders, with barriers.

According to the International News Agency, the world's competition to raise the ladder on the shoulder and to intervene with obstacles was also held in Finland, which included pairs of dozens of countries including Australia, France, and Germany.

For this competition, husbands have to run and ride at least 43 kilograms of older women under the shoulders. This fascinating competition was launched by the historical story of Finland, in which areas of the robbers attacked the displaced women on a shoulder and reached a safe shelter.

Lithuania couple set a global record of this race by fixing this match in just 6.7 minutes. The pair set a record more than a 10-year-old couple from just a second couple of years.