Judge Arshad Malik denies Maryam’s allegations, terms it baseless

ISLAMABAD: Accountability court Judge Arshad Malik, who condemned previous head administrator Nawaz Sharif to prison has denied Maryam Nawaz's claims, ARY News wrote about Sunday. 

Recently, Maryam asserted the judge was extorted into sentencing Nawaz with no proof in a video appeared during her question and answer session. 

In a public statement issued here from Islamabad, today, Judge Malik said that video clasp isn't illustrative of their discussion. He said the video was not intelligent of what he said to Nasir Butt. 

"PML-N, Nawaz's family, attempted to pay off during the preliminary and when he didn't coordinate, they undermined him", Malik proceeded. 

On the off chance that I needed to capitulate to weight or dangers, I wouldn't clear him in one case and convict him in the other, he declared. 

Judge Malik said he had heard and chosen the case as indicated by legitimacy and the law. They are attempting to put a political wind on the issue, he said. 

He conceded that he knew Butt and his sibling and said they were old associates. He said the PML-N was attempting to slander him and the court. 

He requested of the concerned experts to pay heed to the issue and make stern move against the components engaged with the issue.