"Jelly Fish" robot to deliver medicine to the body

Lopez, Germany: Scientists come on day to day by day immersing animals, and now Germany's specialists have made a small jelly fish robot that can carry the goods, also combines liquids and burst themselves.

The 'jelly fish' robot without a wire is just five mm. By looking at this, we will also be able to know about the ability to survive in the changing conditions of the Jelly Fish.

Dr. Methin City, a team associated with Max Planet Institute and his team, has created this robot infected by a common jellyf's children. Despite so much sleeping and simple structure, it can do a lot of work. This creates complicated action by controlling fluid flow.

Jelly fish plays an important role in the oceans. Experts want they to understand the ability to behave in the ocean's changing cures, pollution, temperatures, and other creatures through robots and to overcome it.

To control and run the robot jelly fish magnetic particles have been mounted on the outside of the outer magnet field. Then the fish is swimming, with small items like small pearls, catches food, is hidden in the ocean soil to avoid the enemy and combines many liquids.

Its details have been published in Natural Commissionation. At the next stage, it will be able to enter the human body, where it will also be able to treat and healing medicines. But this destination is still far away.