Introduces massage machine to relieve headache

Introduces massage machine to relieve headache

Xiaomi, China's leading technology company, is always striving to facilitate life and introduce new things in the coming days.Recently the Xiaomi company introduced the "mini-head massager" (a small head massage device).

Due to the exhaustion and stress of the day that makes people tired, it is common to have headaches. In view of fatigue and headaches, the Chinese company has introduced a head massager which can be easily found in your bag. And it is also very easy to use.

The device has four rotating attachments that help improve blood circulation and make you feel calm while the massage device also relieves headaches.

This mini-massage from Xiaomi costs $ 28.

The company, which produces 'mini-head massagers', says that the rotating attachments in this device massage like human fingers, while its speed is controlled by speed and can be customized faster or lighter.

The mini-massager also has the option of customizing the time period and is very easy to use.

The highlight of this Xiaomi massager is that it is 'water proof', meaning that if it goes in water or gets wet it will not affect its performance after charging this device once. 6 can massage.